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Remodeling Portland

Whether your needs are commercial or strictly residential, Master Builders Inc. guarantees your personal satisfaction on your remodeling Portland project, call for guarantee details. We offer new construction, including expansions and custom built homes, as well as various remodeling projects, including kitchens,   bathrooms,  and home exteriors.

A family owned legacy of excellence.

When it’s time for remodeling Portland, call on the professionals at Master Builders Inc. Master Builders Inc was established in 2005, and promises to provide an equally fantastic customer service and quality of work that we have provided for years. Family owned and operated, our Portland services are the place to come for any remodeling or construction project. Our friendly and experienced staff has knowledge from every area of construction, providing you with unmatched craftsmanship.

What makes us Portland’s remodeling masters?

Remodeling Portland OR

  • Expertise – Our skilled foremen have worked on hundreds of remodeling sites in Portland and the surrounding areas. Not only are they master craftsmen themselves, but they know when and how to utilize our technicians in the best manner possible. We take care with every step, consulting and communicating with you throughout the process.
  • Experience – Every employee on staff has multiple specialties. That allows us more flexibility to provide you with excellent work at every stage of your remodeling project, at a brisk pace. It’s important to us that your remodeling in Portland meet the highest standards. Our skilled, reliable, and honest technicians make sure that happens every single day.
  • Coverage – Before beginning a home or room remodeling project themselves, many homeowners don’t even think about insurance. That can spell disaster when they don’t hire a remodeling company in Portland, and choose to sub-contract themselves. If one of those people gets injured on the job, all the liability falls on the homeowner themselves. We’re insured, and our technicians are covered through us. That saves you stress, worry, and eliminates the odds of an injury related financial loss.

    More than just Remodeling

    We strive to provide the highest possible degree of client satisfaction by surpassing every client expectation, being passionate about our work, inspiring in our designs, meticulous in our quality and detail, and being genuinely concerned about our clients, their family and their home.

    Over 27 years in business and a carefully selected staff composed of master craftsmen elevate everything we do.Whether you want to remodel your house to make updates and add space or you need to restore it after an unforeseen event, we will work closely with you until the project is completed to your satisfaction.

If you are in need of construction work, be it for a new home or a bathroom remodel at the office, trust in Master Builders Inc. Our mission is to provide the highest possible degree of client satisfaction by surpassing all of your expectations. From beginning to end, we offer a comprehensive approach that will ensure your project is done to the highest of standards. Call (503) 342-2478 or Contact Us for remodeling in Portland today.

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