Bathroom Remodeling Portland

Bathroom Remodeling Portland

Considering bathroom remodeling in Portland?

Your bathroom is probably functional, but is it elegant and relaxing? If you are thinking about bathroom remodeling in Portland, you might be surprised as to how many options you have for a bathroom remodeling project. Let the folks at Master Builders Inc help you sort through your choices. We’ll stay within your budget and work alongside you to create a design that’s perfect for you. From toilets to showers, vanities to bathroom cabinets, and even radical remodeling that changes your floor plans, we’ll make sure that your dream bathroom becomes a reality!

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Redo bathroom PortlandPlan your bathroom redesign ahead of time

Haste makes waste! Meticulous planning is of the utmost importance for a successful bathroom remodel. Before any work begins, it’s crucial to prepare ahead of time by adhering to the following steps:

  1. Create a Budget—and stick to it!
  2. Determine your floor plan
  3. Establish a timeline

Stick to your remodeling budget

The first step for any remodeling service is to create a realistic budget. Once you have a budget in mind, it is time to come up with the master plan for your bathroom redo. You should always consider the magnitude of the bathroom remodeling — will it require electrical modifications, plumbing work, heating and cooling changes, or drywall installation? Each of these things has an extra associated cost.

Base your bathroom makeover floor plan off your budget

You don’t need to know all the technicalities of the floor plan to start a bathroom redesign. However, it’s helpful to know a little so you can consider the placement of different elements.For any bathroom remodeling project, when you are thinking about the different layouts, it is very important to consider any modifications that will require changes to the electrical wiring, plumbing, or zoning regulations. Sometimes, it’s just as easy to create a home addition or expansion than to fix up an existing room!

Remodel bathroom cost PortlandWe’ll work with you to develop a project timeline

The last step of the remodeling planning process is to create a timetable. Once we have evaluated your bathroom’s existing floor plan, we’ll give you an honest timeline of how long the process will take. This includes ordering and having items shipped to us, as well as installation time. We’ll be able to get more specific once the parts start coming in, then you can make an appointment for us to come by and make it happen. We want to make this intrusive process as convenient as possible for you!

Choose us for remodeling in Portland

Don’t know where to start? No problem! As experienced contractors, we can guide you through the process from start to finish. If you’re worried about the cost, let us stop by first! We are more than happy to provide a free estimate for your bathroom remodel project. So if you’re considering bathroom remodeling in Portland, give us a call or contact us right away!

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