Biohazard Clean Up

Biohazard Clean Up Portland

Biohazard Clean Up

We hope that you and your loved ones will never be affected by a violent crime, but if this should occur, Master Builders Inc promises sensitive attention to restoring a crime scene back to its original condition. Biohazard clean up in Portland includes decontamination, sanitizing, and odor neutralization. Should an illegal drug lab be an issue, we also provide drug lab abatement and decontamination. When you need respectful, prompt, and thorough crime scene & biohazard clean up in Portland, you need us.

Crime Scene & Biohazard Clean Up

We understand the importance of biohazard clean up in Portland. Removing evidence of an unfortunate event is the the first step in helping affected individuals to move on. Many materials that require cleanup can pose health hazards as well, and it is important that they are removed from every surface they came into contact with and any areas they may have penetrated. Removing them on your own may pose an immediate danger to yourself, present long lasting damage to your property, and be unlawful for certain business types.
Biohazard Clean Up Portland OR
This is true for events in both the residential and commercial sector. We provide comprehensive biohazard clean up services to both, and take great care in our work. We are extensively trained and equipped to handle biohazard waste as well as illegal drug related waste. These services are extensive and we have the experience and skills needed to provide you with seamless work that doesn’t just mask what occurred, but repairs the property to its original pre-event state.

Cleanup – We have over 20 years of experience with biohazard and crime scene cleanup. In your time of need we understand how important it is that these services get done in a timely manner. That is why we provide services 24/7. We also accept insurance and do not require a down-payment. Our biological technicians are all licensed, insured, and certified. This allows them to perform all the procedures necessary to perform comprehensive crime scene & biohazard clean up in Portland. Those aren’t the only reasons to choose us for your biohazard clean up in Portland needs.

Restoration – Our background with building and renovation provides our team with a host of skills that other biohazard and crime scene clean up companies just don’t have. In addition to performing a thorough and complete biological clean up, we can also repair your property in its entirety. We can repair any damage that may have occurred from the event. This includes things like re-carpeting, re-flooring, wall repair, and any other work required to completely repair your property.

When you need biohazard clean up in Portland, contact or call us (503) 380-0257. We’ve got the experience and knowledge to provide you with the comprehensive biohazard clean up in Portland you don’t want to be without in your time of need. Our Portland Location

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