Getting Started

Getting Started

Now that you have decided to remodel or add an addition to your home what’s next? Where do you start? Well first of all, please know that we at Master Builders Inc are very touched and grateful that you have entrusted the design and remodel of your home, kitchen or bathroom to us. Why? Because at Master Builders Inc we fully appreciate the fact that your home isn’t just a house…. But a home! And for that reason Master Builders Inc takes into consideration not just the design and remodeling of your home, but how the remodeling experience will affect you, your family, and even your pets! It is with careful attention that we at Master Builders Inc listen to you, our clients, and take all your ideas, wants, needs, life style, and your family into consideration. We incorporate all these considerations so that we not only achieve and exceed the desire results you expect, but make the whole experience as pleasant and predictable as possible. We call It, “the Master Builders Inc experience”.

With Master Builders Inc the renovation of your home is an exciting, creative, precise, and professional process, which promotes both collaboration and communication. The “Master Builders Inc experience” minimizes problems, improves quality, and helps contain costs. It begins when you plan the project with one of
Master Builders Inc representatives, and continues under the supervision of members of the design and renovation team, until your construction is complete. Here is how the Master Builders Inc process works from beginning to end:

  • Initial Consultation

    In the beginning of the project, a Master Builders Inc representative meets with you to develop a plan and budget, to assess your building and design needs, your wants, and your wish list. This initial consultation helps to establish rapport, and assist in the planning process. At Master Builders Inc you immediately receive personalized service so that your priorities and wishes have the attention they deserve.

  • Conceptual Agreement

    We take any measurements that may be necessary, consider the style and construction of your home and put our design team to work to define the scope of work, provide sketches and develop a ballpark budget. The main goal is to clarify the design, and to determine if your needs, wants, and wish list for your home can be achieved within your budget. Usually there are decisions yet to be made and possibly, still unknown factors that may yet need to be determined to reach a more accurate budget figure.

  • Design Agreement

    Develop final design and budget. With the proposed design plan which will include: New and exciting floor plans, exterior elevations, and new existing electrical plan, and any necessary engineering consultation (structural and/or geological), on-site visits by Master Builders Inc design team and our major subcontractors we will able to develop a final budget. All project estimating is thoroughly documented, and is presented to you in a complete package that outlines the scope, detail and quality that will accompany the renovation of your home. All specifications and their costs are itemized including profit and overhead percentages.

  • Execution of Construction Contract

    Implement a “Construction Contract” based upon the design and specifications that was determined from the Design Agreement. Once the construction contract documents have been signed the constructions process begins.

  • Apply for Permits

    Master Builders Inc applies for all and any necessary permits that may be required.

  • Preconstruction Meeting

    Before the construction begins Master Builders Inc will have a pre-construction meeting with you the homeowner, the Architect (if necessary), the Designer, and the Project Manager in order to discuss the construction process. It is our normal procedure, and our company policy, to establish routine meetings to answer any questions you may have during the project’s duration.

  • Apply for Permits

    Master Builders Inc applies for all and any necessary permits that may be required.

  • Begin Construction

    According to the agreed upon schedule provided by Master Builders Inc the construction process will begin. After construction begins Master Builders Inc will hold weekly meetings with you, which include the Architect (if necessary), the Project Manager, and the foreman, at the predetermined time set forth in the preconstruction meeting to discuss the construction schedule, any site-related issues, or any other concerns. Once again, you are involved every step of the way and throughout, the process, receive consummate care an communication.

  • Warranty

    We, at Master Builders Inc, pride ourselves in providing the highest caliber of customer service, and workmanship, to you, our client. We will make every effort to surpass your highest ideal of customer service, and quality, not just in the construction industry, but in any industry! And, once again, we back up our words with an unequaled 2 Year Warranty on all our workmanship, which means your job will be done…absolutely the right way!n.