Home Remodeling Portland

Home Remodeling Portland

Is it time for home remodeling in Portland?

If you’re tired of your old kitchen with the obsolete appliances and questionable design features, it might be time to consider an upgrade. And there’s no one better equipped for home remodeling in Portland than Master Builders Inc. We have over twenty-five years experience in building and remodeling and have worked alongside countless homeowners with their renovation project. Home improvement can be very stressful if you don’t plan accordingly, which is why we’re proud that so many happy customers have trusted us with their homes.

Cosmetic Changes vs. Home Remodeling

A common misconception that many homeowners have is that any home improvements will automatically increase the value of their property. Cosmetic changes such as paint, flooring and window treatments are matters of personal taste, and often don’t do much to increase home value. On the other hand, building new cabinets, appliances, or adding an expansion to your floor plan will have a much larger return on investment.

Follow the home renovation plan

While every home is different, most remodeling projects consist of the same fundamental pieces:

  • Dream It

    Home renovation PortlandThere is no accounting for taste — after all, you are the one who will primarily enjoy the benefits of a home renovation! Whether you want to restore a Victorian-era home to its former glory or want rustic cabinets in your Spanish style villa, it’s up to you!

  • Design It

    How can you fit your dream into your existing home? Do you require major modifications like removing a wall, or moving electrical or plumbing components? There are often multiple solutions to any home design, which will be largely determined by your budget.

  • Budget for It

    Establishing a budget early on will ensure your project fits how much you have to spend on it. We will work hand in hand with you to make sure your project is completed within your budget. This may require some modifications to your original plan, but we’ll give you the heads up early.

  • Build it

    After your budget and design plan are worked out, we’ll order the necessary materials and give you a timeframe estimate of then we’ll be finished. Once the materials arrive it’s difficult and expensive if you change your mind, so try to confirm your choices ahead of time!

What about building to code and getting all those permits? Don’t worry about it! Part of our process, whether it’s bathroom remodeling, creating a custom built home, or adding a home addition is to get all the necessary permits and inspections. We’ll make sure everything’s done right!

Choose us for remodeling and much more

When it comes to remodeling contractors in Portland, you won’t find anyone better than Master Builders. That’s because we always put our customers first. When you find that perfect set of cabinets or floors that you like but can’t find it at the right price, we’ll help you look. Using the connections we’ve developed over 25 years in the business, we’ve been able to save our clients thousands of dollars on materials. Sometimes we can save you 50% or more! So choose the home remodeling team that puts you first, and call or contact us today!

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