Siding Gresham


Siding Gresham

There are so many things you have to consider before getting Siding in Gresham. What’s the best siding type? How will you achieve the perfect material match? Where should you go for an excellent siding contractor? Master Builders Inc is your all in one siding solution.

There’s no reason to do all that work yourself because when it comes to siding Gresham, we’ll keep your property protected and looking amazing. Whether you need home siding on a remodeling project, or are building a brand new house or business, our detailed work, knowledge, and great prices are just what you’re looking for in a Gresham siding professional.

Complete Siding Services

We’ve worked tirelessly to become Gresham’s first stop for siding. We don’t just perform siding installation though, our technicians are experts and can perform siding repairs so good you won’t remember where the damage occurred. We can also replace worn or old siding, providing Gresham property owners with:

  • Friendly Service – New siding on your Gresham home should be a relaxing experience, and with our technicians it is. We treat you and your property with respect, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have concerning our work, materials, or anything else.
  • Master Level Work – With master carpenters and electricians on staff, work from journeymen is carefully inspected and every job is performed with the utmost care. Your property will receive top notch work in every area.
  • Timeliness – We believe in reliability and honesty. Whenever we tell you a job will take a certain amount of time, it will. We don’t mislead, and we’ll never tell you something will take less time, or fewer resources than we believe it will.
  • Professionalism – Ethics and professionalism start at the top. From the owner to the foreman to the crew, every person you interact it with will treat you with the respect you deserve, knowing that the work they do will keep the property warm and dry for decades to come.

Siding Properties

Siding Gresham OR
There are some great reasons to get new siding Gresham.

  • Water Resistance – Siding is designed to withstand the elements, and that means protection from harsh winds and rain.
  • Energy Efficiency – Old siding can’t keep an even temperature. New siding helps reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Aesthetics – Siding is an excellent way to increase your property value and reinvigorate your building.
  • Durability – Depending on the material, siding warranties can last from 30 – 50 years. That’s a product you can trust.

When you want the best in siding for your Gresham property, call (503) 822-6827 or contact Master Builders Inc. Our Gresham Location


Gresham is a gorgeous city for settling down. For anyone who wants to be near Portland, but operate at a slightly slower pace, it’s a paradise. With an incredibly robust parks and recreation team, anyone who enjoys the outdoors in Gresham will find much to do. Mt. Hood National Forest is an excellent place for trail riding, hiking, or camping year round.

If nature doesn’t do it for you, the Gresham Historical Museum offers a look into the past. Gresham has been a city since 1905, but was a frequent pioneer layover prior to that. Historic Downtown Gresham is a great place to get a taste of a simpler time.