Structural Reinforcement & Seismic Retrofitting

Structural Reinforcement Portland

Structural Reinforcement & Seismic Retrofitting

Master Builders Inc maintains a fully trained and experienced staff, with specific expertise in the repair of all types of heavy-timber wood roof trusses, and glued-laminated beams. Bowstring trusses were used as the primary roof structural element from the 1920’s through the early 1950’s. Glued laminated beams replaced the wood trusses in the early 1950’s, and are still a primary element in industrial and commercial buildings today. There are many factors which contribute to structural failures in these members, such as the affects of long-term loading, age, abuse or overstress, material defects or improper original design. We are experts in Structural Reinforcement & Seismic Retrofitting in Portland

Structural Reinforcement & Seismic Retrofitting Portland OR

Structural Reinforcement Promise

Master Builders Inc is trained and experienced in the correct assessment or evaluation of the current structural reinforcement Portland condition of these types of structures, and has the technical skills to design and install the most appropriate structural repair or reinforcement for each individual situation. Beginning with the physical investigation at the jobsite, to the proper engineering analysis of the current loading conditions, to the design and implementation of construction services for the complete structural repairs, our acknowledged innovation and expertise has earned our company a prominent role in this highly specialized area of construction. We are your premier choice for Structural Reinforcement. Our Portland Location

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