Window Installation Gresham

Window Installation

Window Installation Gresham

It can be easy to forget what a great effect windows can have on your home. As they age they lose their effectiveness, and new advancements in windows can make a window installation Gresham a wonderful addition to any property. When you need an exceptional window installation Gresham, you need Master Builders Inc.

We have the experience you want in a window installer. Working with a variety of materials, we can replace existing windows or perform new window installations in a home or business. Options extend from simple double hung windows to gorgeous bay windows that offer sitting areas or planting space. There are a number of fantastic reasons to consider a new window installation Gresham.

New Window Installation

Window Installation Gresham OR
Age, poor construction, and the environment can all affect the longevity of your Portland window installations. Some fantastic reasons to get a window installation include:

  • Rot – It’s incredibly easy to forget to examine your windows. A poor installation can go unnoticed for years, and in that time water can get around the frame of a window. This can even occur on new installations that aren’t performed with care. We’re experienced handling cases of rot, and even though we’ve only had the pleasure of providing Gresham with top notch window installation for a decade, our experts are far more experienced. Every window we install gets the same high level of care. This includes insulation and careful waterproofing. When we get done installing your window Gresham, rot won’t be a concern.
  • Heating – You may not have even realized the negative effect that older windows can have on your heating bill. Gresham has weather than can be incredibly hot or freezing cold depending on the season. With a variety of window types, we can install double panes for extra heat retention, but any window installation from Master Builders Inc will provide you with a secure, air tight window that helps keep your temperature steady.
  • Noise and Security – Older windows may not have been built with the best security features available. These can leave you vulnerable to enterprising criminals, with vulnerabilities a newly installed window doesn’t posses. Newer models also feature fantastic noise reduction capabilities, and can significantly cut down on noise pollution from vehicles and neighbors.

No matter what your reason may be, when you need a professional, long lasting window installation in Gresham, call (503) 822-6827 or contact Master Builder Inc. Our Gresham Location


Gresham is a beautiful place to live and work. A stone’s throw away from Portland it is a fantastic place to enjoy a larger city at a slower speed. There are some great benefits to living in Gresham though, first and foremost are its offerings for nature lovers. Bird lovers can get ID instruction at local parks, and then travel to Mt. Hood National Forest to test their skills.

Anyone with an interest in the history of Gresham should make sure to check out historical downtown. With older buildings, those who want to know more can take a trip to the Gresham Historical Museum for some local stories and lore.