Remodeling Contractor Milwaukie

Master Remodeling Contractor in Milwaukie

Remodeling Contractor Milwaukie

Master Builders Inc does everything from remodeling construction to re-facing cabinets and flooring. Whether your plan and your budget allow for a home addition or renovating the look of a small bathroom, our master craftsman is the has more than 30 years’ experience as a preferred remodeling contractor in Milwaukie.

  • Home Remodeling – No matter the size or your projects, our work is designed to provide a sound investment that contains your unique personality and lives up to the highest standard.
  • Custom Homes Renovation – Our work performing exterior and interior renovations has earned us a positive reputation, one customer at a time. We’re skilled at designing homes from the ground up or modifying existing floor plans.
  • Additions, Expansions and Remodeling – We are dedicated to planning and building new additions that seamlessly blend in with current structures.
  • Bathroom Remodeling – As full-service remodelers, we can design the bathroom you have always wanted. We take into account your budget, style, and can even continue work where you have left off.
  • Kitchen Remodeling – We also tackle kitchens of every shape and size. It is our goal to provide a functional, beautiful, and engaging kitchen remodel.

Bathroom and Kitchen Contractors

Visualizing the end product is a big part of getting a design right. Our home improvement professionals take the time to learn what you need. They ask you about both your design and functionality needs. Then create a 3D model image so you can get the full effect of what the new room will look like. You can see everything from color to detailed fixtures. Our knowledgeable team walks you through all the options, from brands to features, so you can find the best fit for your budget and your desire for the new kitchen, bathroom, or other remodeling space.

Once you have approved a design, we get to work!

Trusted Home Improvement Contractor

We do all we can to minimize the interruption to your home, that includes finishing on time. We understand how exciting a remolding project can be, but only once it’s finished! We never sacrifice quality, but we work diligently to get the project completed quickly and cleanly so you can get enjoy your newly remodeled home!

Call today to talk to a master craftsman about your home remodeling plans.