Remodeling Gresham

Remodeling Gresham


For professional remodeling Gresham, rely on Master Builders Inc. We’ve been performing comprehensive remodeling Gresham for over 25 years. We’ve learned more than a thing or two in that time, becoming one of Gresham’s most trusted remodeling contractors. Our philosophy has helped set us apart from the competition.

Master Builders Inc believes in a customer oriented approach to remodeling Gresham. That means keeping you as involved in the process as you’d like to be. We always have designers on staff working with you when designing your remodel. We want to provide you with the best work possible, while making sure the design is customized to your liking. Many returning customers are so satisfied with our previous work they just give us a general overview, trusting our expert level technicians to provide them with stellar results.

Complete Remodeling Services

Remodeling Gresham Oregon
We always believe in using the right craftsman for the job. Our specialists have allowed us to continually perform exceptional remodeling Gresham. That means we don’t have to focus our efforts on one specialty, and can provide complete remodeling services of exceptional quality and standards. These include:

  • Home Remodeling – Our home remodeling Gresham has you covered. From single rooms to entire additions, our technicians work with you to provide remodeling that carries your unique sense of style and achieves our high standards for quality workmanship.
  • Custom Renovations – We don’t just remodel whole homes. Our best is given with every single job, and that’s why our services are highly sought after. From home exterior remodeling to interior remodeling Gresham, we equally at home performing property modifications or building from scratch.
  • Home Additions – If you’re in the market for a new home addition, we can carry out your vision with skill and excellence. You’ll be a part of the design process, and we can provide you with an addition that seamlessly matches your home or business.
  • Bathroom Remodeling – Even if you’ve started the project yourself, we can continue your work, providing the perfect finish to your remodeling project. Bathrooms remodels are a functional and cost effective way to increase your property value. They also provide you with a luxurious oasis for the life of your home.
  • Kitchen Remodeling – Another great way to increase value and functionality is with a kitchen remodel Gresham. We can perform custom work and installations, providing you with a one stop solution for your kitchen remodeling. From islands to shelving, flooring, and bay windows, we do everything.

For exceptional remodeling Gresham, Call (503) 822-6827 or Contact Master Builders Inc. Our Gresham Location


Gresham is a gorgeous place for living and working, providing citizens with easy Portland access and so much to do nearby. As an original pioneer city, Gresham has a wonderful history that dates back before it’s founding in 1905. This history hasn’t been lost to time, and much can be learned at the Gresham Historical Society. This small museum houses a colorful assortment of artifacts and exhibits, currently hosting an evolution of everyday gadgets that explores the advancements in technology.

That’s not all Gresham has to offer the history buff. Anyone can join the East County Historical Society and help preserve Gresham’s history. They perform work both in and around Gresham in places like the Historic District.